Taking Control

by Luke Molnar

I’ve been testing and building Zombie Jack for a long time with only single-player capabilities. That’s nuts! You can’t build a couch-party game with no multiplayer. So this week I’ve put the task together to build a new input management script to support multiple controllers and players. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get the alpha done and play-test it with all my friends.

My workspace is covered with various controllers as I test for the best configurations. I’m aiming for simplicity. If I can get away with just 2 buttons and a stick, I will!

Another feature I’ve been working on is the ability for players to jump in at any time and join the fun. Picture this. You’re at your mate’s place. Bob is late. Bob is always late. Gosh, darn it, Bob! Why can’t you get your life in order? You don’t want to wait. You want to start playing and have a good time now. So you start playing and then Bob walks in the door. Not a problem! Bob plugs his controller in, hits ‘A’, and joins right in! Nice one Bob.


by Luke Molnar

Upon arriving home today, I slouched into my chair, clicked the mouse, and was shocked to see an annoying little pop-up window with the message reading “Unable to find Desktop”. Huh? What? *click* *click* DING DING. Nothing. Upon further inspection, I found one of my hard drives had failed. After many hours of testing, restarting, plugging, unplugging, crying, and finally accepting, I decided to check my backups.

I’ve got a lot of stuff on that hard drive. It keeps my user profile, program files, assets library, and projects folder. And the only thing I really care about is my projects folder. It contains the design files for Zombie Jack, and unlike the code and Unity files for the game, they aren’t backed up remotely. Don’t judge me! I do local backups. Right now it’s in the process of “Restoring”, but it seems to have a lot of “holes”. Stuff seems to be missing and the only way to get it back is to dig into older versions of the backups to find them. All in all, not overly impressed with the Windows Backup software.

Until I get these files back, production on Zombie Jack has just hit a massive brick wall face first. Let’s hope nothing was lost.

Project: ZJ

by Luke Molnar

My name is Luke, and this is a post about my new game Zombie Jack. I’ve been working on this game for a number of years, however, due to life-events, I’ve not been able to make much headway. That is until now. Every day I’ve been chipping away at my task-list, and Zombie Jack is getting closer and closer to a playable alpha. I’m very excited about this and hope this progress continues as planned.

So what is Zombie Jack? It’s a couch party, pick-up-and-play, party game for you and all your buddies. Because the best games are the ones with friends… and zombies. In Zombie Jack you’ll be able to experience the freedom of picking up just about anything and swinging it at zombie’s heads. Forget about guns. This ain’t no shoot-em-up. This is a grab-it-and-stab-it!

So where are we at in the development process? If you were to look at my Trello board, you’d probably start weeping. That’s usually how I start my day. But hey, it’s happening, and it’ll get there. The first milestone is to complete an alpha and get some impressions. See what people think before adjusting course.

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