Posts: Zombie Jack

Devlog: Spooky Pumpkin

by Luke Molnar

Muhahahahaha! In this sPoOkY Halloween special, I carve a pumpkinā€¦ in blender.

Devlog: I Built a House

by Luke Molnar

I think I’m starting to get the hang of blenderā€¦ oh, well. Maybe. In this video, I paint the UV texture map for Jack’s House.

Devlog: How Do You Use Blender?!

by Luke Molnar

When you’ve been using Autodesk Maya for 10+ years and then suddenly switch to blender and then blender has a massive rework and everything you think you knew gets replaced with new-new stuff… yeah, it can be a frustrating endeavor.

Watch me struggle to recall how to use blender as I try and create Jack’s House for my game Zombie Jack.

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