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Zombie Jack Steam Page Now Live

Zombie Jack Steam Page Now Live

I am very excited and happy to announce that the Zombie Jack Steam store page is now live! You are now able to check it out and your wishlist. It fills me with tremendous joy to finally have a presence on Steam. Now comes the hard part – finishing the game.

Devlog: How to eat and elephant

Devlog: How to eat and elephant

I’ve been quiet as of late. But that is only because I don’t want to jinx the momentum I’ve created. Maintaining steady progress has always been difficult. I’ve tried many things including a video blog series, which I really enjoyed doing but cost lots of time and effort that would have been better spent on game development. I would like to revisit and restart my video blogs again in the future, but just for the moment I’ve put away my Trello boards and I’ve reverted to what worked for me. A single sticky note is all that I keep on my desktop that says nothing except the very next goal.

This method just works for me. It removes the fear and overwhelming feelings by making the next baby step clear and simple. I’m a very easily distracted person and I found putting all tasks in front of myself meant that I did a lot of work but got nothing done. All I care about is my next task and the ultimate goal of getting the game to a playable state for early access on steam.

This week I finished giving the AI the ability to break down fences when there are no paths to players, gave each character a hurt and death face, and created a GAME OVER screen, seen above.

I use git for my version control which also keeps a nice little diary of what I’ve done each week. So what I will do is update my blog more frequently with some of what these logs have recorded. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well. This year was rough. 🤞 Here is to a better and more productive 2022.

Devlog: Spooky Pumpkin

Muhahahahaha! In this sPoOkY Halloween special, I carve a pumpkin… in blender.

Devlog: I Built a House

I think I’m starting to get the hang of blender… oh, well. Maybe. In this video, I paint the UV texture map for Jack’s House.

Devlog: How Do You Use Blender?!

When you’ve been using Autodesk Maya for 10+ years and then suddenly switch to blender and then blender has a massive rework and everything you think you knew gets replaced with new-new stuff… yeah, it can be a frustrating endeavor.

Watch me struggle to recall how to use blender as I try and create Jack’s House for my game Zombie Jack.

Devlog: Cover Art

Hey everyone! I decided to do a devlog video this time instead of a blog post. I think this will give everyone a better glimpse into my game dev process. Check it out! In this video I create some cover art for my game that I’ll be using on the website.

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