Created for Ludum Dare #55: Summoning

Ahoy adventurer! Come hither forth width and assist in defending the keep of Ludum from the evil Blue Wizard. Build golems using elemental powers to create the most suitable opponent for your foes!

How to play:

Joseph was depressed with life, he used to have a darling wife.

Words is a game about social anxiety and depression. Originating from the Ludum Dare #32 game jam, you can find the original version of the game here.

Ludum Dare 30: “An Unconventional Weapon”

The Intense Barbecue Simulator

You are a dad at a BBQ and the orders are coming in thick and fast. Better hurry up cause the gas is running out! Have you got what it takes to be Dad of the year!?

BBQ DAD: Artwork rework

Ludum Dare 30: “Entire Game on One Screen”

BBQ DAD originally began as a Ludum Dare 31# game jam entry. You can find the original version of the game here.

BBQ DAD Instructions

How to Play

Playing BBQ DAD is simple! The children will hand in their orders on a sticky note. Begin by selecting the appropriate meat from the meat tray. Different meats cook at different rates, so be careful. Bacon cooks and burns easy! Steaks can be cooked from rare to well done with more points rewarded to more accurately cooked meat.

When the meat is perfectly cooked. Pick it up and drop it on the correct sticky note! The children will reward you with cheer! Well done.

World Lord was my first game. It is very simple and applies my newly found knowlege of game development. Made for the Ludum Dare #30 game jam with the theme “Connected Worlds”.