Diary Posts

Back Online!

by Luke Molnar

It’s alive! IT’S… ALIVE! … and so quiet too. I guess that old hard drive really was on its last legs. Probably should have known. Whoops.

As some of you know, my projects hard drive failed a short while ago and I lost a lot of my design files, thanks to Windows Backup and Restore for doing an amazing job of backing up every hour as requested. *He says sarcastically*. Seriously, how can it be that broken? My last successful backup was in May. MAY! No notifications or no pop-ups to suggest otherwise. As far as I was concerned everything was backed-up safely, but noooo, Windows just had to go and be a jerk.

At the end of the day, I recovered 99% of my work from cloud storage, emails, and sheer willpower. What I did lose I can recreate. Thank goodness for BitBucket! They kept Zombie Jack company until I had a hard drive up and running again to download onto. Now, back to work!


by Luke Molnar

Upon arriving home today, I slouched¬†into my chair, clicked the mouse, and was shocked to see an annoying little pop-up window with the message reading “Unable to find Desktop”. Huh? What? *click*¬†*click* DING DING. Nothing. Upon further inspection, I found one of my hard drives had failed. After many hours of testing, restarting, plugging, unplugging, crying, and finally accepting, I decided to check my backups.

I’ve got a lot of stuff on that hard drive. It keeps my user profile, program files, assets library, and projects folder. And the only thing I really care about is my projects folder. It contains the design files for Zombie Jack, and unlike the code and Unity files for the game, they aren’t backed up remotely. Don’t judge me! I do local backups. Right now it’s in the process of “Restoring”, but it seems to have a lot of “holes”. Stuff seems to be missing and the only way to get it back is to dig into older versions of the backups to find them. All in all, not overly impressed with the Windows Backup software.

Until I get these files back, production on Zombie Jack has just hit a massive brick wall face first. Let’s hope nothing was lost.


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